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Non-Exercise Activity Thermogenesis – the energy used for all the non-exercise tasks that we do.  Otherwise known as incidental exercise.

N.E.A.T can add to your daily calorie burn meaning that over time you can increase the amount of weight and body fat you lose.  Depending on what you do to increase your extra activities, you could be burning an extra few hundred calories a day!  Research has shown that you can increase your calorie burn up to 25% more by adding N.E.A.T in.  Here’s a few things you may not have thought of to increase energy expenditure:

Walking – Everyone knows that walking is good for you, whether it’s a stroll along the beach or a power walk up a big bad hill, you’re getting something good out of it.  Add extra walking into your day by –
·         Walking to work instead of the bus/train/drive
·         Walking to the bus/train station instead of driving
·       Walking an extra few stops away to the bus stop up the road instead of right outside your door and get off the bus a few stops early
·         Volunteering to do the office coffee run in the morning instead of getting the office junior to do it
·         Go for a walk on your lunch break, get out of the stuffy office
·         Give yourself many reasons to get up out of your chair at work as often as possible, print one report at a time and pick each one up from the printer, keep envelopes away from your desk so that you have to get up and get one each time you need to post a letter
·        Drink plenty of water, go to the water fountain regularly to refill your bottle.  This also makes you go to the bathroom more.  Oh and after you’ve finished and still in the cubicle, do 10 squats

Stretch –
.          Stand up and stretch in many different directions.  Often.
·        Set an alarm on your computer to remind you to stand up and stretch (if you’re not already getting up and down every few minutes to collect reports off the printer).  You’ve all heard that ‘sitting is the new smoking’.  Reports in the British Medical Journal state that ‘sitting for extended periods of time has been linked with heart disease, diabetes, cancer and obesity’
·        At home watching TV, stand up and stretch/move in the ad breaks
·        Even while sitting at your desk, stretch your legs out straight and move your ankles, stretch your arms up in the air

Pace and move –
·         Talking on your mobile phone?  Stand up and take a few steps back and forth while talking
·         Standing in line at the bank?  Constantly move your weight from left to right
·         At home cooking dinner, move your feet while stirring the risotto.  Do a few wall push ups while waiting for the coffee machine to heat up.

·         Take the stairs instead of the elevator
·       Make it more challenging and burn a few more calories by stepping up 2 steps at a time

If this concept is new to you, set yourself alarms on your phone and computer.  Leave yourself post-it notes on the fridge.  Set your wake up alarm 15 minutes earlier and get moving sooner.  Grab a buddy and agree to challenge each other, keep each other accountable.

To your success, health and happiness.

Jodie Webster