Choose from these options:


  • For beginners and intermediate
  • Full body training program via Trainerize app (follow on your phone)
  • New program every 4 weeks
  • FREE video demos of ALL exercises
  • FREE progress tracking - photos, measurements
  • Must have access to a complete gym with dumbbells, barbells, cable machines
  • Must be motivated as you'll follow a gym program on your own
  • FREE Calorie calculator
  • FREE Video tutorial on how to track food intake
  • Only $19.95 per week


  • For beginner to advanced
  • Your program is 100% customised
  • Perfect for specific goals; wedding, a holiday, or to improve health and fitness
  • Personalised gym programs written to suit YOUR specific goals
  • FREE customised food plan
  • FREE calorie goals specific to YOU, assessed weekly
  • Weekly check ins for accountability
  • Direct email access to me and weekly Zoom calls (if required)
  • Only $59.95 per week


  • 1 hour Zoom meeting for goal setting and detailed discussion
  • Customised calorie and macro goals
  • Weekly accountability check ins via email
  • FREE progress tracking - photos, measurements
  • Direct email access to me at any time
  • Minimum 12 week commitment
  • Initial meeting $75, then $25 per week thereafter 

Welcome to the next phase of your Amazing Life!

Have you been going to the gym for a while now and not seeing any more changes?

Are you hitting the cardio machines each time because you’re intimidated by the weights and machines?

Are you bored with your current routine?

Do you even HAVE a routine?

Have you been making excuses all your life, year after year?

Do you want to feel confidant and sexy in a bikini in your 40’s?

No more excuses, let’s get started in the right direction

  • You are NOT too old to start a strength program.  I started lifting weights in my late 30’s and my most recent photos were taken at age 48.

  • Fear of injury? You are VERY UNLIKELY to injure yourself lifting weights CORRECTLY.  My programs are basic movements designed to achieve strength and lean muscle.  No fancy circus tricks and explosive jumping.  No extreme training, just controlled movements.  Beginner programs start with weights that you’re comfortable with then, week by week, gradually increase weights as you become stronger.
  • REALITY CHECK - Your current lifestyle, exercise patterns, eating patterns and choices and MINDSET are giving you the body and health that you currently have.  Make changes to SEE changes.
  • DON’T BE IMPATIENT - body shape changes do not happen overnight.  They take months and months.  The secret to success is being CONSISTENT.  Daily, weekly, monthly, for the rest of your life.
  • Best results are achieved by following a gym program, NOT jumping from machine to machine randomly.  All programs are in an app on your phone.  Each gym session has videos of each exercise.  Simply follow the order of exercises listed, watch the videos and enter the weight you used and repetitions performed. 
  • Keep track of your previous weights used so you can increase next time.  Keep track of your body statistics and measurements as well as progress photos to motivate you.
  • STOP telling yourself that you can’t do it.  YOU CAN!
  • STOP SAYING that you’ll start after Christmas, after your birthday, after the holiday, after…

How long have you been saying this for?  START NOW!


My amazing clients and their success