Being able to successfully help my clients reach their health and fitness goals becoming the best version of themselves, my programs are for real people who want real results.

Mandy “When I started with Jodie’s program, I’d been running for almost a decade and my body had had enough. I was coming into my 30s and consuming super low calories, but still feeling frumpy and losing motivation for any type of exercise. Working with Jodie (despite a lot of initial secret, and sometimes not so secret, resistance) on building up my calories and introducing my body to weights – ‘boy weights’, the ones I was too afraid to go anywhere near previously – I started to see new types of positive changes to my body. Everything was becoming firmer, as Jodie kept pushing me to lift heavier and heavier.

Two and a half years later, and I’ve still had periods of hating my body, and thinking ‘what’s the point?’, but I am generally so much happier, healthier and stronger. Now, I push myself to lift heavier. I am no longer afraid of calories (which has also had a significant impact on my mental health), and love the fact that I know that the foods I’m eating are fueling my body. I wouldn’t have believed this testimonial when I started. I had to just trust Jodie, but she makes it easy. She’s extremely attentive, knowledgeable, pushes the right amount, and is both passionate and compassionate. I am so grateful to her for how she has helped me to re-frame my approach to nutrition and fitness ”


MYRNA “I’m a busy mum of 5 (youngest 9 mths old), working 3 days a week, who was looking to get back into shape in a simple, uncomplicated and healthy way.

Jodie’s Free kick start fitness program is what I would describe as a ‘weight loss program for dummies’. Jodie provided healthy meal plans that were easy to prepare and a ‘doable’ exercise plan that wasn’t exhausting or too strenuous.  All I had to do was simply follow the program for 6 weeks!

My initial goal was to drop a dress size down just to fit into my work uniform comfortably.  With a bit of diligence following Jodie’s program, who knew in 6 weeks I’d double my result! (winning!).  More importantly, I’ve learnt so much about food, exercise and my general well-being.  And I Love that I’ll never have to diet again!!!  It was definitely the perfect ‘kick start’ to a better healthier me.  Thank you Jodie for this wonderful life changing experience, for making it easy and possible and for going above and beyond to ensure I had all the support I needed in this program.  You are the best!”


Sarah “I started training with Jodie’s program about 5 months ago with a goal of losing weight and to tone up. Not only have I achieved this goal. have learnt so much. Jodie has helped me to make better food choices to help fuel my body(carbs, fats and protein) and also being able to still have a cheeky chocolate bar here and there if you want, shown me that lifting heavy weights is ok (hip thrusting 115kg), pushing me to my potential to reach a PB (6 unassisted chin ups) and working out is fun Overall Jodie is a wonderful trainer she is truly inspiring she puts her heart and soul into every program. She wants everyone to achieve their goals. So thank you Jodie I never thought in 5 months I would achieve what I have achieved if it wasn’t for you”


Stella “I would like to say a big thank you to Jodie Webster for her programs that I have done through the past year. Jodie has taught me everything I know about not only about training but also eating healthy (but not giving up on chocolate) Jodie has helped me reach my goals,

taught me how important good form is while lifting weights and how lifting weights won’t make me look bulky (as that’s what I always thought before I started lifting weights with Jodie). I can honestly say I have achieved much more than I anticipated. Before Jodie’s program I never cared about healthy eating or commitment to any kind of training. I owe it all thanks to Jodie that now I can say I love lifting weights and I wouldn’t have it any other way I feel great and there is no going back from here. For anyone wanting to tweak their lifestyle and achieve new limits Jodie will make it possible. Thank you Jodie once again for taking me on this journey.”


Lana “I took on Jodie’s program in August. Best decision ever!
Being a group fitness instructor I needed a one on one push. Jodie has taught me so much with the focus always being on correct form and technique, which I have applied in my classes.

Jodie’s experience and structured program for my goals have seen me achieve massive results. Losing a total of 18 centimetres around my waist and 14 centimetres around my hips. Weighing more now than I did 2 years ago but looking a lot more toned and stronger than I have ever looked in my life! I am also smaller than I was prior to having my two boys.

She is also a qualified nutritionist so you are getting a 2 for 1 deal. This lady knows what she is talking about and is fully committed to helping you achieve your goals. She is serious about health and fitness.

Jodie’s professionalism and caring nature are nothing but the best. I highly recommend Jodie’s programs to you. If you put in the hard work, you will reap the rewards. You will not be disappointed, trust me!”


Mel “Jodie has been my salvation! I never expected when I started the program for the first time that I would learn so much. She has helped me adjust my diet for the long term. By making healthy choices and advising me on what types of food I need to fuel my body; protein, carbs and fats. It’s an amazing feeling when I’ve made a positive change that will continue to improve my way of life.

I never thought I would be in the weights section asking if a rack was free, a section of the gym I’d always been too intimidated by men and heavy weights.

Originally my goal was to be lean and lose weight. Since then Jodie has helped me adjust my mindset, I now concentrate on becoming fit and strong rather than the number on the scales. It’s such an amazing feeling to go from lifting small hand weights with no guidance to doing exciting routines where I’m constantly improving and challenging the amount of weight I can lift.

One of the best attributes of Jodie’s program is that she takes the time to really answer questions on how to do new workouts, ensuring that the technique is correct.
I want to truly thank Jodie for everything she has done and will do for me. You are a special person Jodie, you’ve changed my life.

P.S. I mean every word!”


Andrea “I started to see Jodie about a year and a half ago with intentions to lose weight and be able to “wear nicer clothes”. Now I know that my goals (despite being so positive!) were actually quite vague and as a result not achievable in the past. I know that for sure because I had those goals for a big part of my life. I tried tons of strategies/diets/approaches with a variety of short term results (I lost once 20 kg in 6 months!!) Nevertheless long term result was the same my weight was creeping up and my health was gradually affected by it. I thought that I knew all about weight loss and I had a massive variety of reasons why I could not lose it.

Finally I decided that I need help and I was incredibly lucky to find Jodie Webster as a personal trainer/coach/nutritionist and (as a bonus!) an amazingly kind, clever person with a great sense of humour! Jodie guided me through a complex process of not only training my muscles but training me to regulate my food intake in a healthier way (NO extreme dieting!). She educated me in a much more comprehensive understanding why my food patterns are unhealthy and how I can change it. She was gentle but persistent with encouragement of small steps to change my life style towards a healthier one. I really like that those changes were always adjusted to my individual situation and I never felt pressured.

I had many injuries in the past and one of my concerns to start weight training was that it could affect my joints. To my surprise it was the complete opposite. My back and knee pain level is significantly lower. Jodie created my program with an excellent balance of safety and level of difficulty. Jodie helped me not only to lose weight (8kg) and change my body composition (noticeable change!) but she helped me to change my attitude towards my life style. It helped me tremendously with my stress level during a difficult time of my life. As a result I’m making a better choices with food without depriving myself. I’m able to implement much more physical activity in my life and enjoy family time. I think that Jodie’s style of coaching is way beyond “gym coaching”. It’s a holistic, comprehensive life style changing support”