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I’m a big fan of having clear cut, achievable goals in life, especially when it comes to health and fitness.  Having said that, it’s ok to take a break from your goals every now and then…. such as around Christmas time when you’re relaxing with family and friends.  Setting yourself goals gives you something to work toward, without this, there’s a tendency to go off track more often that you’d like to, which overall can really slow down your results.  If you’ve been working hard with your fitness for over a year and you’re still not happy with where you’re at, have a good think about why you started.  Have you followed everything that your coach has suggested?  How often are you having meal ‘blowouts’ or going off your food plan/macros?   How many training sessions have you missed?   How hard are you working with your sessions on your own when your coach is not in the gym training you? Are you keeping active outside of the gym, such as walking, gardening, riding your bike, kicking a ball with your kids? Are you sleeping well? How’s your stress levels?

It’s time to re-assess your goals for next year. Goals change over time, so have a think about what you’d like to achieve over the first 3 months of the new year, then 6 months then 12 months. Make them SPECIFIC. Make them ACHIEVABLE. Make them MEASURABLE. Also think about how IMPORTANT your goal is, what is the REASON and MOTIVATION for this goal.

Here’s a few suggestions

* I’d like to fit into a size 10 dress (measurable) by the end of March 2018 (specific). I’m currently a size 14 (achievable). This is extremely important to me because I’m a bridesmaid at my best friend’s wedding and I want to feel good about myself on the day and beyond.

* I’m currently 120kg and I’d like to lose 30kg by May 2018 (achievable). I have booked a holiday to Bali in May and I’d like to feel comfortable at the beach (specific). I want to lose 7-8 kg a month (measurable, specific and achievable). I haven’t been under 110kg for over 8 years so this is really, really important to me, to make a change in my life. 

* I want to be back at my pre-baby weight of 60kg in 3 months or less (specific). I’m currently 70kg (measurable and achievable). It is important to me to feel good about myself in my own clothes.

Here’s a few that are NOT good goals

* I just want to lose weight, I hate myself (hating yourself is NOT going to help you change your attitude to health, fitness and body weight/fat. Is changing your number on the scales going to make you not hate yourself? How much weight do you want to lose? Is it actually weight you want to lose or size? You don’t have to have a scale weight number in mind, maybe it’s an item of clothing that is your measurable goal. Be specific and be DRIVEN to achieve it. Please do not ‘hate’ yourself for where you are, this is probably the worst state of mind to be in to be able to make a positive change to your body shape.)

* I want to lose 10kg for my holiday in 3 weeks. I cant change my food, I’ve tried and it doesn’t work (10kg in 3 weeks, seriously? And you’re only just coming to see a coach for help now? WTF! You can’t change your food or you WON’T change your food? It doesn’t work…. how long did you actually try to change for, what did you try to change and how hard did you actually try? If you’re not willing to try something for more than 2 weeks, then it’s not that important to you. I can’t help you)

Please have a good think about what you really want to achieve. Don’t be vague about it, be specific and write it down. Talk to a coach about your goals, they can help you achieve them (and be prepared to put the work in).

To your success, health and happiness.

Jodie Webster