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I’m often asked questions like ‘what’s the best way to increase protein?’ and ‘I’m always going over my fat requirements, how do I reduce this while not going over in something else?’ 100% hands down, the best way to hit all of your targets is to PLAN AHEAD. 

Food prep, organise, calculate everything you need in advance of each day or week and stick to it.

For success with this method, DO NOT eat and enter your food intake into MFP on the fly.  Do not eat take away every day and guess the amounts.

I know it’s hard, you’ve planned your food for the day, you get to the office and there’s birthday cake!  It’s ok, enjoy a piece of cake and adjust your food intake accordingly for the rest of the day.  It might mean that you’ll have to forgo the steamed rice and olive oil at dinner time or, worst case, you can allocate that piece of cake to tomorrows calculation and eat less tomorrow. 

This is ok for occasional one offs but try not to fall into the trap of doing this every day or you’ll end up with a big pile of over-eaten food at the end of the week that will be impossible to make up for.

If you do overindulge occasionally, put it in the past and move on.  If you’re overindulging every Thursday, Friday, Saturday and Sunday, then that’s a problem.  Reassess your goals and decide what’s important to you.

So, how to get enough protein?

PLAN AHEAD FOR TOMORROW BY putting your protein in MFP first.  Well, I put my treats and coffee in first so I don’t miss out, THEN, I allocate all my protein foods in to each meal.  1 scoop of protein powder (in my pancakes) at breakfast, 50g of chicken at lunch, 100g salmon at dinner, protein brownie for afternoon tea, etc.  Great!  I’ve hit all my protein targets for the day.  Next, build your carbs and fats around it.  Some rice and vegetables here, cous cous there, an apple after dinner, olive oil over my veggies, etc. 

You’ll find that some of your carb and fat sources also contain protein so you’ll have to readjust your chicken and fish maybe.  There you go.  Done. 

Protein sources:

Beef, chicken, lamb, turkey, fish, smoked salmon, eggs, tofu, tempeh, nuts, protein powder (my favourite, ATP Science Noway protein powder mixes beautifully into soft fluffy banana pancakes.  Other protein powders make dry, hard pancakes).

Going over in fats?  There’s lots of fats hidden in the foods you may be eating.  Keep an eye on most of your protein foods – meats contain fats too so you may find that you’ve hit your fat target just in your meats and you can’t fit your favourite treat in.  No problems.  Take a bit of meat out, have a protein shake instead (usually contain very little fat) and voila!  You’ve got an extra 15g of fat to find.  Hello ice cream!

Need to find a source of carbs that doesn’t contain fats?  Fruit.  Vegetables.  There’s 14g of carbs in: an apple, 100g of blueberries, half a banana, 60g sweet potato.

To your success, health and happiness.

Jodie Webster