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Somewhere along the line we seemed to have determined a ‘perception’ of what food is good for us or bad for us. The truth of all this is: it depends on what you want to achieve.

“Try some of my banana bread. It’s healthy because it’s homemade. There’s no eggs in it” (But, what if I really like eggs and I want to eat them to increase my whole protein?)

“Happy Easter! Thought I’d get you a basket of dried fruit instead of chocolate because, you know, chocolate is so bad” (But, if I’m trying to lose weight, there might be a shitload more calories in the dried fruit than chocolate….. look at quantity here)

“It’s ok, you can put as much avocado on your toast as you like because it has good fats” (Fats from ANY source have the same amount of calories so if weight loss is your goal, then you CAN’T have as much as you like)

If your goal is to become more healthy, you may be going through a period of poor health due to poor dietary choices then choosing more nutritious foods like vegetables, fruit, lean meats, whole grains instead of highly processed foods and a lot of take away meals, might be a good decision.

If you are trying to lose weight then there really is no such thing as good versus bad food. It’s all about QUANTITY and therefore calories.

Don’t judge a food just because YOU think it’s bad. The only reason people should avoid certain foods is because they have allergies, intolerances or they simply don’t like the taste.

I love ice cream. It makes me happy. That means it’s good for ME. .

Who made this rule anyway?