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When people sign up with a coach, like myself, they are given a whole bunch of ‘life altering’ tools to get the job done. Training programs, calorie targets, food guidelines, step count goals, lectures about the importance of stress management and sleep health. They are then hand held through the process of using those tools to the best of their ability so they can get the job done. After all, it’s your hard earned money, you want a damned good result, yes?

But all this additional work to add into your life can be overwhelming.

Think about biting this task off in smaller chunks, one piece at a time and let each piece really cement into your every day life. Slowly, one piece at a time, remove habits that are not serving you any positive justice and bring in new habits that will benefit your end goal. Look at your every day habits and positively change one at a time.


So, I’ve given you a set of numbers to eat by, hit your calories and macros. Whoa! You mean I’ve got to track every mouthful I eat? Yep.

Too much? Ok, start by looking at all the high calorie, low nutrition snacks that you don’t need, but you do enjoy. Don’t put that jumbo 12 pack of chips in your shopping trolley every week, but perhaps every couple of weeks, buy and enjoy one packet of chips. If junk foods are a daily/regular habit, start by just removing the temptation.

Wine your kryptonite? Mine too. Don’t buy it. If it’s in your fridge, you’ll head straight for it every day when you get home. Save that one nice glass of wine for the end of the week dinner. Have just one or two at that meal instead of every night. Share the ONE bottle with friends rather than having a couple of bottles each.

If you feel that you’re already doing everything right but still not reaching your weight loss goals, look at one meal at a time. For the following week, look at breakfast – what are you currently eating every day? Google a few low calorie, easy to prepare ideas, test them out and rotate just 2 ideas each day. Don’t add too much variety in, just rotate between 2 different breakfast options each day. Do this for a week or 2, let that new habit set in.

Nailed that! Awesome. What’s going on with lunch? Google a few different low calorie, easy to prepare options, not too many, maybe just 3. Rotate those every few days. Great. Move onto dinner.

Keep it simple. Nail one meal at a time.


I always recommend some kind of exerted effort at least 3 times a week to get fit and stay fit. More if you can but 3 is kind of maintenance minimum. If you’re brand new to exercise or you’ve had a lot of time off, start with 1 – 2 days a week, then build it up every few weeks. Your new exercise regime needs to fit in with your current life schedule otherwise you’ll give it up in a few months. Your body and your health is not a hobby, start a fitness program that you can envision doing for the rest of your life.

I find that many people start with telling me that they’d like to train 6 times a week, from doing nothing at all for the past few years. This is a sure way to lead to burn out and giving up within the first 8 weeks. Ease into it and make sure it FITS into your life. Make it a habit, slowly.

Sleep hygiene

I call it sleep hygiene because implies a level of cleanliness. If your sleep patterns are messy, you’ll find it much more difficult to perform each day at the gym, at work, at life. Poor sleep often leads to making poor choices with food and higher levels of stress. I know there are some things out of our control such as crying babies, but there are definitely things we can control such as:

  • going to bed earlier
  • avoiding caffeine late in the afternoon/evening
  • avoiding alcohol most nights (alcohol definitely disrupts a good sleep)
  • switching off all blue light sources and electronic devices
  • read a book that has paper pages
  • listen to a meditation (yes, use your phone and ear buds, but don’t scroll your Insta feed while listening to calm wind-down music)

Just try removing one bad habit and replacing it with better habit each week. Try it, set it into your regular routine, keep it going, then add another new habit.

Small chunks at a time.