Hi, I'm Jodie.
I'm 49 years old.
I've been a qualified
Naturopath & Nutritionist
for 20+ years.


While I found it very rewarding to see my clients achieve great results with their overall health, I felt that I wasn't able to give them the best advice on fitness. So I decided to bridge that gap and follow my passion for fitness and become a qualified Personal Trainer.

Before I embarked on my own personal fitness journey, I had been in and out of gyms most of my life. Every January I’d join a local gym with the quest to get fit and change my body shape. By March or April, I’d given up. I’d start up again in August because summer was around the corner. Because of this pattern I never really saw a change in my body shape. I was also a cardio bunny as I believed that this was the only way to lose body fat. I certainly didn’t want to lift heavy weights because I didn’t want to get bulky. I was what people refer to as ‘skinny-fat’.

I was 36 years old when I decided to join a gym again and take it seriously this time. I’d reached a turning point in my life, I was approaching 40. So I joined a gym and committed myself to attending particular classes that were higher intensity than I was used to. I went outside my comfort zone but I was still scared of lifting heavy weights.

A few years later, I thought, stuff it! I wonder what would happen if I squatted more than 20kg? Maybe I’ll learn how to deadlift properly, it looks like fun. Bench pressing’s not for girls but I wonder what might happen if I try? So, I did. This is when my body began to really change. I actually became SLIMMER around the waist and hips, not bulkier. I saw muscle definition, or ‘tone’ that I’d never seen before.

After about 6 months I was squatting and deadlifting over 60kg. My weight actually went UP 2kg and I went DOWN 2 dress sizes!

I became so passionate about my own training and helping others achieve the same amazing results, that I decided to become a qualified trainer myself.
I have been coached by some of the country’s top coaches – I spent 16 weeks training at Clean Health Performance Centre under Nick Moen. I then decided to work on my strength and spent 9 months coaching with Glen Carroll, Strength and Conditioning coach (Atlas). He brought my squats and deadlifts to over the 80kg mark.

From here I spent 6 months under the wing of Hattie Boydle and was part of her online Sports Model Project team which saw yet another amazing transformation.

I’m now training under the guidance of Glen Carroll again and have also been mentored by Mark Carroll, his brother. The Carroll brothers heavily influence my coaching style in addition to my education from the other amazing coaches mentioned above. I follow and learn from some of the worlds best.

I have combined these influences with my Naturopathic and Nutrition education as well as my Personal Training qualifications to become a well rounded professional coach and nutritionist. I'm not your typical 'hippie' naturopath. I'm not going to sell you a bag full of pills and potions, I just give real advice that works! I’ve helped many clients change their health, eating habits, fitness, happiness and their lives. It’s my passion to see people succeed and be happy.

I believe that age is not a barrier to becoming fit and strong. If you work hard and eat well, you can look better than you did in your younger years.

I'm results driven. I commit myself to helping you reach your health and fitness goals. All I ask is that YOU give 100% commitment to reaching your goals too.

If you’re committed to the process, I promise you’ll see positive changes!

Become the best version of yourself.